Dahlia Vs Zinnia

Dahlia Vs Zinnia are two distinct flowers with differences and similarities. They are two different flowers that have been cultivated for centuries. Both look great in a garden and both can be grown indoors. They’re also used in floral arrangements. There’s no doubt that they are both wonderful plants. But which would you choose? When … Read more

Roses Vs Tulips

These two plants stand out significantly and are good plants for those looking for the best of the best. The comparison in this post will help people make the best decision for the one to plant in their gardens. However, there are basic factors we noted while comparing both plants and they are: These factors … Read more

How Many Watermelons Per Plant?

How many watermelons per plant? How many plants must you grow, though? As you have decided that you would like to produce your own watermelon at home. Let us discuss these questions in full.  The Santa Clara branch of the UC Master Gardeners studied the development and production rates of 17 different watermelon types. Each … Read more

Sunflower Vs Daisy

Sunflower vs Daisy explores the difference, comparisons and planting tips and similarities between the two flowering plants. Both flowers come from the same family called Asteraceae and are both angiosperms (that is flowers that reproduce with seeds within a flower). Sunflowers and Daisy bloom from late spring to early summer while in some states in … Read more

Does Human Urine Kill Grass?

Does Human Urine Kill Grass?

Does human urine kill grass? This is the question you may have been asking yourself since the day you installed your lawn. Now, we can answer that question with a resounding yes. While it might seem like urine would have no effect on grass, it actually does damage especially if repeated. It can turn the … Read more

Do Deers Eat Lettuce?

Does Human Urine Kill Grass?

Do deers eat Lettuce? Lettuce is a vegetable that is commonly eaten by deer. It is also commonly found in deer field crops, such as soybeans and corn. Deer can eat lettuce, plus other green vegetables. People don’t really know that deer eat lettuce, but they do eat it. The deer that you see in … Read more

Will Sod Grow In Sand?

Will Sod Grow In Sand?

Will sod grow in sand? Sod can grow in sand. But it will take some work and some time to get the results you want.  Sod is a type of grass that grows best in soil with lots of nutrients and water. So, if your soil is sandy or has little nutrients or water, it … Read more